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EcoSave Savings Account-i

EcoSave Savings Account-i is based on the Islamic concept of Tawarruq. Out of the total EcoSave portfolio, CIMB Islamic contributes 0.2% to green activities, such as conservation initiatives and education programmes that help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. As the allocation grows, more green projects would be funded. By opening EcoSave, you are indirectly helping the environment.


Preferential Rates for Green Buildings

Compared to other sectors, buildings in Malaysia emit the most carbon emissions at 41%. Enjoy preferential rates when you purchase a green residential property today with loans up to 35 years and interest rate as low as BR+0.50% p.a.


Preferential Rates for New Hybrid Cars

Do you know that over 85% of transportation carbon emissions, comes from road transport? Be more fuel efficient and emit less greenhouse gases with a hybrid vehicle. Drive home a new hybrid vehicle with a Fixed Rate of as low as 2.34 % p.a.


Sustainable Investments

Through partnership with leading sustainable funds, we offer a range of investment products to support our customers who are seeking to invest in more sustainable and enduring businesses. 


The BIMB-Arabesque i Global Dividend Fund is a Shariah and Environmental, Social and Governance principles (ESG)-based fund that also uses the latest robotic technology to generate a strong investment performance potential with optimal risk management. In order to increase the BIMB-Arabesque i Global Dividend Fund 1 subscription, BIMB Invest is collaborating with CIMB Group whereby customers can subscribe to the fund through all CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic Bank branches in the country.


Singular Asset Management

Sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), or occasionally coined as ESG (Environment, Social & Corporate Governance) investing, has become mainstreamed among investors today. SRI broadens the horizon of investors’ considerations, enabling them to account for ESG issues such as climate change, human rights and board independence when investing. Singular Asset Management (“Singular”), one of Asia's SRI Advocates, will share some insights into its ESG commitments and service offerings.


The Principal Global Sustainable Growth Fund aims to achieve capital appreciation through investments in one collective investment scheme, which invests in securities that factor in sustainability criteria.



Affordable Loans: Find Your Dream Home

The Malaysian government has been introducing various policies and packages to promote home ownership and make housing affordable for the young and the old. CIMB supports the national agenda of ‘Housing for All’ and has introduced low-interest financing for affordable housing to B40 communities, e.g., PR1MA end-financing to facilitate ownership of homes valued at RM150k – RM300k.

buySolar: Switch to Renewable

The world is slowly transitioning to a low-carbon economy, powered by renewables and alternative energy. CIMB is the first financing partner for buySolar - Malaysia’s first one-stop online marketplace for solar installation connecting solar buyers and suppliers - to offer both Islamic and conventional financial solutions to fund solar energy solutions for both the residential and business segments.


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