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Sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), or occasionally coined as ESG (Environment, Social & Corporate Governance) investing, has become mainstreamed among investors today. SRI broadens the horizon of investors’ considerations, enabling them to account for ESG issues such as climate change, human rights and board independence when investing. Applying SRI is much more than just doing for a good cause as many investors believe that ESG issues could undermine the stock and financial performance of their investee companies. In fact, the onset of COVID-19 pandemic attested to that belief, where sustainable equity funds were able to hold up better and outperformed conventional funds in 1Q 2020 (Morningstar, 3 Apr 2020).


Below is one of the SRI advocates in Asia - Singular Asset Management (“Singular”), which will share some insights into its ESG commitments and service offerings. Singular is an external fund manager of CIMB Private Banking.



Who is Singular?

Singular, a boutique equity focus investment management company, has been investing in Malaysia and Asia since 2002. Led by our Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Teoh Kok Lin, our investment team from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong forms the bedrock of Singular’s character: endlessly inquisitive, creative and insightful, with an obsessive attention to detail.


We have been practising ESG in our investment philosophy for years as we believe responsible corporate behaviour with respect to ESG issues can generally have a positive influence on long-term financial performance of the investment portfolios.  We are grateful to be a signatory of the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (“UNPRI”) since 2019 and strive to adopt good practices and policies endorsed by the UNPRI on responsible investment.



Why is ESG investing important?

We have long recognised that ESG factors can protect and enhance the value of our clients’ investments by finding new opportunities, identifying long-term sustainability trends and accounting for long-term risks.



How can you invest sustainably and responsibly?

Our wholesale funds are registered as sustainable and responsible investment fund with Securities Commission of Malaysia. We also offer discretionary mandate where you can delegate your investment decisions to Singular. Both managed fund and discretionary mandate are available via CIMB Private Banking. You may contact your private banker to find out more.


Further information regarding our responsible investing is available on Singular’s website.

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