We want to be the best place for the best talent. By empowering and encouraging each other, we believe that we are on the right path towards creating a positive and thriving work environment.


We go the extra mile, take ownership and do the right thing to make it efficient, easy and fair for our customers.

What's Our Purpose


Advancing Customers and Society.
  • We place our customers at the heart of everything we do
  • We advocate sustainable practices, both for ourselves as an organisation and for our customers as we progress forward

Our Greatest Asset


Without a doubt, we are who we are because of our people. They are the catalysts of change, the problem solvers, the disrupters for the greater good. Our people are focused on serving our customers, stakeholders and our community with our unique brand of innovative solutions.



You’ll enjoy a range of benefits that were created to consider different work and lifestyle needs. 

Flexible Work Arrangement

* Staff Rejuvenation Programme (SRP)

* Hybrid Working Arrangements

* A reduced Workweek

* Flex4Parents

* One-month Paternity Leave for First Time Fathers

Women Empowerment

* Nursing rooms and childcare centre facilities

* Designated parking bays for expecting mothers

* Extended Maternity Leave for First Time Mothers

* Career Comeback Programme


Health Programmes

* Health talks and fairs

* Exercise programmes

* Health checks and product offers

* In-house gyms
* Medical benefits
* CIMB Health & Wellness Programme


Financial Wellbeing

* Scholarships

* Sponsorships

* Employee loans with preferential rates

* Financial support for single parents


Developing our talents 


At #teamCIMB, we believe in empowering employees to develop their skills, talents and employability. Employees who wish to further their studies have access to scholarships and sponsorships to recognised programmes in established universities and institutions.