The Board ensures that shareholders and the investing public are continuously kept up-todate and informed on CIMB Group’s business strategy and direction. Two-way communication with the shareholders is essential in ensuring successful implementation of CIMB Group’s strategies and helps to foster shareholders’ confidence in CIMB Group’s success.


In an effort to raise the level of corporate credibility and governance as well as investor confidence, CIMB Group has designed a structured approach to communication in the CIMB Group Communication Policy. This Policy clearly sets out the principles of communication, the various mediums of communication, policies and procedures relating to dissemination of information to the Shareholders, media and other stakeholders, step-by-step approach in handling material information and the mechanism used to gauge external opinions. It is CIMB Group’s policy to ensure dissemination of information which is factual, accurate and clear in a timely manner. Material information is to be accessed equally by all stakeholders through broad public dissemination and the Policy strictly prohibits individual or selective dissemination. Contacts and communication with stakeholders are conducted through the designated spokespersons approved by the Board or the Group Chief Executive Officer.