Advancing Customers and Society

We place our customers at the heart of everything we do.


The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us and as we strive to be the disruptor and not the disrupted, we will not limit ourselves to the boundaries of banking as we know it today.


We advocate sustainable practices, both for ourselves as an organisation and our customers as we progress forward.

Our Strategy

In T18, we focused on recalibrating our business and completing our ASEAN footprint. We improved efficiency and strengthened our balance sheet.


With the foundations laid in T18, we are focused on accelerating growth and future-proofing the Group with FORWARD23.


As we strive to achieve the group’s aspirations, we will employ differentiated strategies based on our different starting points across ASEAN, with a clear anchor on Malaysia & Indonesia.

Our Targets

While our targets in T18 were largely financial, we have committed to a set of targets in FORWARD23 to measure the impact of our strategy on our customers, employees and society. We believe the inclusion of these non-financial targets will strike the right balance for CIMB, and will serve as leading indicators for long-term performance.

Financial Targets

Cost to Income(%)

45 %


13 %


12 - 13 %

Non-Financial Targets

Net Promoter Score (NPS)¹ - Customer

Top 15 %

% of 3D talent - People

30 %

Ranking in Benchmark Indices² - Sustainability

Top 3


¹ Amongst comparable banks in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore

² Top 3 ASEAN Banking Group and 75th percentile globally in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Strategic Pivots

Our strategic pivots driving this transformation are: Customer Centricity, Technology & Data, Our People, Ventures & Partnerships and Sustainability. 

Customer Centricity

Take a ‘customer-first’ approach for efficiency and unparalleled experience.

Technology & Data

Enable a new way of working by modernising our tech infrastructure and shifting towards automation and innovation.

Our People

Become nimble, grow 3D talent mix and create a DNA that allows talent to thrive in the new digital economy.

Ventures & Partnerships

Build a ‘beyond banking’ proposition for future value capture to the Group by being both a participant and/or owner of Ecosystems.


Become a ‘visible shaper’ of sustainable banking practices in the ASEAN community to distinguish and future-proof ourselves in the industry.


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