Advancing Customers and Society

Our purpose is simple – to build a high performing sustainable organisation to help advance customers and society. 

Our Strategy

Our ambition is to be the leading focused ASEAN bank.



We are a local ASEAN bank and this is our key differentiation. This identity resonates with our staff and external stakeholders. 



We will not be everything to everyone. We shall focus on key markets and segments, where we play to win.



We seek to be amongst the leading ASEAN banks (top quartile) when measured by financial metrics such as ROE and CIR as well as non-financial metrics such as NPS, Organisational Health and Sustainability.

Our Targets

We have set clear and measurable performance indicators to drive us towards our aspiration to be amongst the leading ASEAN banks when measured by financial and non-financial metrics.

Financial Targets

Cost to Income

≤ 45 %


>13.5 %

Return On Equity

Top Quartile (11.5-12.5%)

Non-Financial Targets

Net Promoter Score

Top Quartile


High Performing Organisation

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Top Quartile

Strategic Themes

Our strategic themes are:


Deliver Sustainable Financial Returns

To achieve this, we will reshape our portfolio, drive cost efficiency, digitise for value and undertake focused investments.

Disciplined Execution

Execution is key. We will be focused, clear and transparent on things that we want to do and strive to deliver them accordingly. We will be granular and rigorous in tracking results. 

Customer Centricity

Take a ‘customer-first’ approach and deliver relevant, value adding and competitive products and services.

Transform Fundamentals

Strengthen fundamentals for all-round operational efficiency to support growth. 

Purpose-Driven Organisation

Strengthen and create a purpose-driven organisation through embedding positive culture and values, create an environment to be the best place for the best talents to work in and embrace sustainability for the benefit of our society.