13 April 2016

CIMB and SRAM launch Junior Squash Development Programme and kick start junior circuits for 2016


Kuala Lumpur: The CIMB Junior Squash Development Programme, funded by CIMB Foundation, today celebrates the successes of the Malaysian squash juniors for their outstanding performances at the British Junior Open 2016 and the Commonwealth Youth Games 2015. Young Aifa Azman did Malaysia proud in January by bringing home the 2016 British Junior Open title for Girls Under-15. This is her second British Junior Open title.


Also recognised by CIMB Foundation today is the Malaysian team for the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games held in Samoa where the juniors made a clean sweep of all 5 Gold medals at stake. The six (6) team members are Ng Eain Yow (Men’s Individual and Mixed Doubles), Marcus Yuen (Men’s Doubles), Mohd Farez Izwan (Men’s Doubles), Andrea Lee (Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles), S. Sivasangari (Women’s Individual) and Zoe Foo (Women’s Doubles).


These amazing accomplishments by Malaysia’s squash juniors were made possible thanks to CIMB Foundation’s steadfast commitment in nurturing young sporting talent in  in the country, through its continuous support of the CIMB Junior Squash Development Programme.


Commenting on the programme’s success, Nor Azzam Abdul Jalil, Chief Executive Officer of CIMB Foundation said, “CIMB Foundation is proud to witness the impressive accomplishments of our talented youths under this programme, as clearly shown in the players’ consistent wins in international tournaments both worldwide and locally. At CIMB, we believe in investing in talent today to nurture them for world-class prospects tomorrow. We started this programme in 2006 and are proud to see how it has helped elevate Malaysia’s junior squash talent to that of global standards.”


“Since its inception in 2006, 4200 junior squash players have participated and benefited from this programme, and we are pleased to continuously witness the results of their hard-earned effort. I hope that the recognition given to the players today is a further boost for all our young players to excel and succeed,” he said. “We have also added a new Corporate Social Responsibility component to the programme where our top juniors are encouraged to ‘give back’ to the community and we are pleased to see that the juniors have embraced this new element wholeheartedly”.


Huang Ying How, President of the Squash Racquet Association of Malaysia (SRAM) said, “Only through the consistent support of CIMB Foundation, has SRAM been able to address most of the key development areas with programmes covering all levels from the basics to turning pro. With these programmes in place and running continuously, SRAM can really focus on further improving the quality and results of its players as well as nurture a consistent talent pipeline in the game.”


At the same event, CIMB Foundation renewed its commitment to sponsor SRAM’s Junior Squash Development Programme 2016 with the launch of the 11th CIMB Rising Stars National Junior Circuit (Under-9, Under-11 and Under-13 categories) and the 7th CIMB National Junior Circuit (Under 15, Under-17 and Under-19 categories) by SRAM and JDP partner, CIMB Foundation. With over 500 juniors nationwide participating in the first leg, both circuits are an integral part of the CIMB Junior Squash Development Programme 2016.  


In addition to the two junior circuits, the CIMB Junior Squash Development Programme 2016 also comprises of incentives – cash incentives for the CIMB circuit leg winners as well as for the overall champions of the CIMB junior circuits – and ticket incentives to the British Junior Open. Project World Junior will continue its long term programme focusing on developing the Malaysian national junior squad to win the World Juniors 2016/2017 championships.

The CIMB Junior Squash Development Programme (CIMB JSDP), funded by CIMB Foundation today celebrated the success of Malaysian squash juniors for their outstanding performances at the British Junior Open 2016 and the Commonwealth Youth Games 2015. (L-R) CIMB Foundation Board of Trustees (BOT), Dato Dr. Richard Leete (BOT), Tan Sri Rama Iyer (BOT), Nor Azzam Abdul Jalil, CEO of CIMB Foundation, Dato Shukri Hussin (BOT), Mr. Huang Ying How, President of Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia after a cheque presentation ceremony to outstanding Malaysian squash juniors under the CIMB JSDP.