Sales & Trading

With teams of experienced professionals and a suite of sophisticated electronic platforms, we provide our clients multiple ways to strategise, track and execute securities transactions in over the counter markets and exchanges around the world.

Credit & Bonds

  • Credit Trading & Market Making
    We trade and make market for over-the-counter and exchange-listed bonds, credit and derivative products in the domestic and foreign currency markets.
  • Structured Credit
    We trade credit derivatives, with institutional clients who rely on our strategies to enhance yields or reduce risk. We also provide structured credit solutions to institutional investors, both on the asset/investment and liability side. We buy and sell the following instruments:
    - Single name credit default swaps (CDS)
    - First to default baskets (FTD)
    - Total rate of return swaps
    - Quanto CDSs and quanto FTDs
    - Total rate of return swaps
    - Credit hybrids
    - Structured credit derivatives
    - Credit linked notes (CLNs)


Our institutional equities platform has one of the most comprehensive footprints among brokerage houses today across Asia. CIMB offers our institutional clients access into 11 markets in Asia – 8 markets directly and 3 markets via local partners in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. We provide in-depth stock coverage for more than 1000 stocks in Asia, either directly or indirectly via our partners. Given our footprint, the breadth of stock coverage and our on-the-ground resources across Asia, our regional service proposition is exceptional.

Our institutional clients have access to our entire gamut of equity services for both conventional and Shariah-compliant equities. This includes access to our research products, our research analysts, IPOs, stock placements and sales professionals for informed investment advice for all the markets in which we operate across Asia. 

Futures & Options  

Headquartered in Singapore, CIMB Futures provides access to the major Futures and Options (F&O) exchanges worldwidewith clearing membership in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and India.

We are one of the top three Trading Participants of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad.  Meeting the needs of ASEAN, our clients are well-diversified across all the product classes with our highly experienced sales and dealing teams providing client specific advice.

We offer:

  • Voice and Electronic Execution
    Our dealing desk has extensive experience dealing with futures and options on futures. Operating 24 hours, our dealing desk helps clients navigate an often volatile market by providing market insights, trade flows and timely information. Working with well-established partners, we offer multiple platforms to meet the needs of our diversified clients. 
  • Service
    We have built a strong client franchise through long-term relationships built on trusted service. Through a systematic approach to client management, our dedicated and experienced dealers and sales will guide clients through the volatile and complex financial landscape.
  • Clearing
    Managing large trading volumes every day, we adhere to strict compliance standards to ensure the safety and integrity of all customer accounts. Our well-developed back office system offers robust and timely data.

Other Services

Foreign Exchange

The FX Options unit engages in the trading of over-the-counter foreign exchange options and the provision of hedging and investment solutions to our corporate and investor clients using foreign exchange options.

Money Markets

Our Money Market team offers a wide range of products to corporate and institutional clients to help generate returns on their funds.


Our clients rely on us to secure the best interest rate/profit rate solution for their needs. We perform this function by making markets in government bonds, interest rate derivatives or hedging instruments.

Structured Products

We customise products for our clients, whether they are looking to borrow/finance or invest. These solutions - deposits, investments and loans/financing - can include different asset types and be structured to suit a client’s risk appetite and market conditions.

Equities Derivatives

We provide equity derivatives services covering the issuance, offering, listing, trading and market-making of structured warrants, equity options, linear derivatives products and equity-linked investments or notes. We also structure solutions for corporate, institutional and high-net-worth clients.

CIMB Group
Corporate Snapshot (Figures as at 31 March 2019)
Total Assets:
RM 549.7 billion
Total Funds Under Management:
RM 87.4 billion
Global Markets:*

Total Shareholders' Funds:
RM 52.8 billion
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