Can members organise small social gathering activities amongst ourselves? If yes, is there a set of ground rules for member-led events?

Yes, you can organise small reunion activities with members within the network on a voluntary basis.
However, there are ground rules, as stated below, that members have to follow to protect the CIMB Alumni Network brand:


  • All expenses incurred in organising and hosting the event shall be borne by the participating members;
  • Notify the country’s Alumni Relations Manager of any planned events organised by members;
  • Members will be fully responsible for the overall event coordination activities such as planning, promoting and hosting;
  • Always using the word ‘CIMB’ with ‘Alumni’ when naming an event that is organised and funded by members (e.g. CIMB Alumni Friendly Golf Tournament instead of CIMB Friendly Golf Tournament);
  • Consult the secretariat when using the CIMB Alumni Network logo for any events organised and funded by members;
  • Share photos taken during the event with the country’s Alumni Relations Manager for CIMB’s records and onwards sharing with the rest of the network; and
  • Avoid organising events that are politically motivated.