Securities Services

Corporate Trust

CIMB Trustee Services serves Collective Investment Schemes, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Private Debt Securities, Asset Management and Private Retirement Schemes in Malaysia. We also offer escrow services and offshore trustee services. Our clientele includes fund managers, corporates, government-linked companies and retail clients.

Our Corporate Trust services include:

  • Conventional & Islamic Collective Investment Schemes comprising Unit Trust Fund, Real Estate Investment Trust Fund and Wholesale Fund.
  • Conventional & Islamic Private Retirement Schemes
  • Conventional & Islamic Private Debt Securities as trustee which protects the interests of both institutional and retail bond/sukuk holders.
  • Offshore Trustee providing the following services for Labuan offshore companies as well as offshore companies from other jurisdictions.
  • Formation of Offshore and Labuan Companies
  • Establishment of Mutual Fund Structures
  • Company Management, Administration and Accounting Services
  • Offshore Private Trusts
  • Other Trustee Services such as Employee Share Option Scheme Trustee, Share Trustee, and Escrow Agent.

Corporate Agency Services

We offer agency services for both conventional and Islamic Private Debt Securities (PDS) and syndicated loans/financing in Ringgit Malaysia and other foreign currencies. As a leading agent in the industry, we have the experience and capabilities to handle various types of corporate structures.

Our clientele comprises financial institutions, governments and corporates. We also act as post-listing sponsor for both conventional and Islamic debt securities listed on the Labuan International Financial Exchange (LFX).

We can provide a:

  • Facility Agent, who acts as intermediary between client and lenders for syndicated loans/financing, and between client and Bank Negara Malaysia or a PDS trustee.
  • Monitoring Agent, who oversees and operates designated accounts as well as invests in permitted investments.
  • Security Agent, who guards all original security documents, monitors the adequacy of security coverage, enforces security and distributes proceeds received.
  • Project Agent, who monitors the progress and status of the project; liaises with the client on submission of project reports, and coordinates and arranges site visits.
  • Post Listing Sponsor, who ensures that the client complies with all post-listing obligations of the LFX and act as the client’s principal channel of communication with LFX.

Fund Accounting Services

We provide fund accounting and administration services to unit trust management companies, asset management companies and private equity funds. Combining our vast experience with innovative technology, we are able to deliver prompt and accurate financial reports to clients.

Our fund accounting services include the maintenance of multi-currency accounting records where we prepare and oversee all accounting books, records and periodical management accounts and ensure adherence to the relevant accounting policies and standards.

We also perform the calculation of net asset value (NAV) and fund-related fees according to scheme types and jurisdiction of the scheme. The preparation of portfolio valuation reports along with the provision of assistance with preparation of interim and annual financial reports are also part of our responsibilities to clients.

We monitor and track all capital calls and distributions apart from calculating late payment interest (does not apply to Islamic banking) and premium or equalisation for subsequent admission of investors after the first closing date.

Global Custody

CIMB provides a comprehensive range of custodian services to suit our clients’ needs. We support banks, insurance/takalful companies, broker dealers, asset management companies, pension funds, sovereign funds, trustees and institutional investors.

Our custodian services include safekeeping securities, clearing and settlement services, corporate action and asset servicing, income collection and monitoring, portfolio reporting, proxy services, cash management, foreign exchange & remittance services, securities borrowing and lending and Market Newsflash.

At CIMB, we have the in-market expertise and global capabilities. We leverage on our automated systems to keep up with our clients’ growing needs.

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