The Leading Bank in ASEAN

We pride ourselves on providing holistic financing solutions tailored to your needs. As a market leader, we have a Wholesale Banking loan and financing book worth RM 127 bil (as of 31 December 2022) and a strong talented team across our offices in ASEAN. Our client managers and product specialists work hand-in-hand with each of our clients, so that we can best understand your needs. We also provide financing solutions for cross-border transactions, where our global corporate bankers and country bankers work together to find the best solution for you.


Our Solutions and Offerings

Enjoy conventional and Islamic financing solutions across multiple currencies. We have a wide range of solutions designed to suit your needs - whether you are a local or regional corporate or institutional client, or a sovereign entity. Choose from traditional trade financing, structured financing, capital expenditure financing, and more.

Elevate your trade deals with our tailored solutions for global trade and supply chain. Unlock your business' full potential with highly-customised and seamless integrated solutions that will help you structure your import and export trade processes. 


Our specialised product team offers a multitude of trade-related solutions, depending on your needs. Some of our conventional and Islamic trade finance products and services include:

  • Working capital financing

  • Receivables financing

  • Letter of credit

  • Bank guarantees

  • Supply chain financing 

  • Import and export loans / financings

We work together with you to find the best solution for your business. Enjoy expert solutions brought to you by our team of Relationship Managers and specialists with knowledge across different industries. 


We offer conventional and Islamic products from various asset classes. Our structured financing solutions include the following categories:

  • Bridge finance

  • Capital expenditure finance

  • Leverage finance

  • Asset-backed loans / financings and leases

  • Project and export finance

We have established a solid reputation and strong network across the region, working closely with institutions and partners as lead arranger or joint arranger in syndicated financing for our clients. 


Whether you need capital expenditure, project or asset-backed financing, we are here to bring you a seamless experience by structuring, administering, arranging, and coordinating club deals for you.

If you have a dynamic working capital schedule, or need some flexibility or additional buffer in managing your cash flow, our revolving credit is the solution for you. Our revolving financing or overdraft / cashline options offer conventional and Islamic terms, are available across multiple currencies, and can be tailored to your repayment / payment needs.