Our Brands

CIMB’s brand promise is reflected in the expression of Forward.  This reflects our commitment towards enabling our customers to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations.  Through our products, services, solutions, innovations and advice, we enable our customers and clients to navigate the opportunities and obstacles they face as they move forward toward their goals.  

From all corners of ASEAN we draw on our people, knowledge and insights to bring the best of the region toward propelling our stakeholders and our organization forward. We believe in embracing diversity and have always welcomed differences in thought, opinion, culture and language, and draw upon our regional capabilities to advance our customers Forward.

Our brand architecture reflects how we deliver value in different ways to enable our customers to move forward to their goals.


                           Our leading regional corporate and investment banking franchise.

            Consumer and commercial banking in Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia.

            Consumer and commercial banking in Indonesia.

              Consumer and commercial banking in Thailand.

        Islamic products and services globally





CIMB Group
Corporate Snapshot (Figures as at 31 December 2018)
(*Including Philippines from December 2018)
Total Assets:
RM 534.1 billion
Total Funds Under Management:
RM 83.0 billion
Global Markets:*

Total Shareholders' Funds:
RM 51.4 billion
Staff Strength: