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1972 - United Asian Bank Bhd established in Kuala Lumpur

United Asian Bank started as a banking joint-venture between Malaysia and India, as a result of the merger of three Indian-owned banks – Indian Overseas Bank Ltd, Indian Bank Ltd and United Commercial Bank Ltd. United Asian Bank took over the operations of the Malaysian branches of these Indian banks in 1972.

The bank's business was mainly directed at small businesses and individuals. In its time, it established a reputation for encouraging enterprise amongst the less prosperous sections of the community.


1974 - Pertanian Baring Sanwa Multinational Bhd was incorporated

Pertanian Baring Sanwa Multinational was founded in April 1974 by Bank Pertanian of Malaysia, Baring Brothers and Multinational Bank of the UK, and Sanwa Bank of Japan.

Under the management of Baring Brothers, Pertanian Baring Sanwa Multinational provided corporate advisory and funding services to multinationals, and undertook corporate restructuring and merger and acquisition activities for Malaysian companies.

Practising a conservative and prudent approach, with a strict credit culture that limited its trading activities, the merchant bank remained relatively small compared to others.


1979 - Bian Chiang Bank renamed Bank of Commerce Bhd

The purchase of Bian Chiang Bank by Fleet Group led to the formation of Bank of Commerce Bhd in November 1979. Retaining the initials BCB, the new bank had a strong focus on systems and transparency from the very beginning, reflecting the management style of co-shareholder JP Morgan.

An aggressive, performance-driven work culture pushed the bank forward, contributing to its emergence as one of the most progressive banks in the industry.

In 1982, just three years since incorporation, what started out as a one-branch bank worth MYR8 million had become an institution with the total assets of MYR367 million and total shareholders' funds of MYR12.8 million.