Debt Instruments

MYR ISSUANCES (Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruments only)

Issue: CIMB Bank Berhad

No. Amount Issued (MYR'm) Programme Name Call Date Issue Date Maturity Date Coupon File Name RAM MARC
1 1000 RM5.0bil Tier 2 Subordinated Debt Programme 23/12/2015 23/12/2010 23/12/2020 4.30%






PTC - CIMBB - RM5.0bil Sub Debt Prog








2 1350 RM5.0bil Tier 2 Subordinated Debt Programme 8/8/2016 8/8/2011 6/8/2021 4.15%
3 1500 RM5.0bil Tier 2 Subordinated Debt Programme 30/11/2017 30/11/2012 30/11/2022 4.15%
4 1000 RM5.0bil Tier 2 Subordinated Debt Programme 23/12/2020 23/12/2010 23/12/2025 4.80%
5 150 RM5.0bil Tier 2 Subordinated Debt Programme 9/8/2021 8/8/2011 7/8/2026 4.70%
6 1000 RM1.0bil Innovative Tier 1 Programme 7/10/2018 7/10/2008 7/10/2038 6.70% PTC - CIMBB - RM1.0bil Inno T1   AA
7 1000 RM4.0bil Non-Innovative Tier 1 Programme 26/12/2018 26/12/2008 Perpetual 7.20% PTC-CIMBB-NIT-1-CapSec   AA
8 750 RM10.0 Tier 2 Subordinated Debt Programme (B3) 13/9/2018 13/9/2013 13/9/2023 4.80%


PTC-CIMBB-B3 RM10bil Sub Debt Prog




9 300 RM10.0 Tier 2 Subordinated Debt Programme (B3) 16/10/2018 16/10/2013 16/10/2023 4.77% AA+



Issue: CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad

No. Amount Issued (MYR'm) Programme Name Call Date Issue Date Maturity Date Coupon File Name MARC
1 250 RM2.0bil Tier 2 Junior Sukuk Programme 21/4/2016 21/4/2011 21/4/2021 4.20%


PTC - CIMBISL 2nd & 3rd issuance



2 300 RM2.0bil Tier 2 Junior Sukuk Programme 18/9/2017 18/9/2012 15/9/2022 4.00%
3 300 RM2.0bil Tier 2 Junior Sukuk Programme 25/9/2019 25/9/2009 25/9/2024 5.85%

PTC - CIMBISL 1st issuance




Issue: CIMB Group Holdings Berhad

No. Amount Issued (MYR'm) Programme Name Call Date Issue Date Maturity Date Coupon File Name RAM
1 150 RM3.0bil Subordinated Notes Programme 3/4/2015 5/4/2010 5/4/2060 5.30%



PTC-CIMBGH RM3.0bil Sub Debt Progrm





2 1380 RM3.0bil Subordinated Notes Programme 28/6/2019 30/6/2009 30/6/2059 7.30%
3 600 RM3.0bil Subordinated Notes Programme 3/4/2020 5/4/2010 5/4/2060 6.35%




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