2021 Integrated Annual Report


"CIMB Group seeks to be amongst the leading ASEAN banks (top quartile) when measured by financial as well as nonfinancial metrics. We shall focus on key markets and segments, where we play to win. We are a local ASEAN bank and this is our key differentiation."


Message from the Chairman

  • Risk & Governance
    The Board’s primary objective has been to ensure CIMB ‘walks the talk’ not just in addressing various risks, but also in communicating the strategies and their outcomes efficiently and meaningfully to various stakeholders of business.
  • Sustainability
    We continued to devise programmes internally across the Group to reach net zero GHG Scope 1 and 2 emissions in our operations by 2030 and overall Net Zero GHG by 2050 (including scope 3 and financed emissions).
  • People and Performance
    CIMB responded swiftly to the demands of this new COVID-19 era, from at-risk customers and communities to employees, suppliers and business partners, who benefited from our relief, assistance and well-being programmes.

Group CEO’s Reflections

  • Delivering Sustainable Financial Returns
    We made considerable headway in reshaping our portfolio by focusing in core areas of growth, while cost optimisation initiatives continued to be a core focus in 2021 to further improve our productivity and efficiency.
  • Customer Centricity
    As a result of our Customer Centricity efforts, we improved our Net Promoter Score significantly compared to FY20. We are incredibly proud of how we helped our customers to navigate through the adverse impact of the pandemic.
  • Accelerated Sustainability Agenda
    We enhanced commitments to accelerate our sustainability agenda by setting ambitious targets which include achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) Scope 1 and 2 emissions in our operations by 2030.

Shared Value @ CIMB

  • We manage our business and people with the responsibility of delivering sustainable and impactful financial returns.
  • A commitment to principles of good governance and the strategic role of our Board, Senior Leadership and skilled workforce collectively contribute to shaping a profitable organisation.


       * Investors, Shareholders, Employees, Suppliers 


  • We support the aspirations of our customers and clients by taking an inclusive approach to development.
  • Our objective is to create net positive impact through our products and services, positively advancing customers and making business a force for good.
  • We champion purposeful programmes to help communities prosper, and to shape a better planet.
  • From financial literacy to community empowerment, and entrepreneurship to environmental stewardship, we identify issues that impede socio-economic development of communities who matter to us.
  • CIMB Group’s recalibrated Value Creation Business Model demonstrates our unique disposition towards various resource inputs, deployed strategies, stakeholder inclusion, purpose and propositions, accountability, tangible outcomes and positive impact.

CIMB Group's Forward 23+ Strategy

Delivering Sustainable Financial Returns

Catalyse growth and turnaround businesses by tapping on high potential opportunities across ASEAN.

Disciplined Execution

Instil disciplined execution amongst #teamCIMB at all levels to manage performance, improve efficiencies and accelerate growth.

Customer Centricity

Deliver on our CX promises to make banking Easy, Efficient and always going the Extra Mile for our customers – CIMB Group’s key differentiator.

Transform Fundamentals

Ensure the ASEAN franchise has the right level of support and a uniform set of standards and guidelines to operate optimally.

Purpose-driven Organisation

Advance customers and society through our corporate values and responsible banking practices, shaping a better tomorrow and a sustainable planet.

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