The Complete Banker™ Programme

Our highly-sought after ASEAN management trainee programme puts you in good stead to be a corporate leader of tomorrow.

The Complete Banker™ is a two-year structured development programme to mold you into leaders of tomorrow. Join an organisation where differences are valued and you can take charge of your own learning and growth, to reach your full potential.


Year 1

Intensive Classroom Training (1 month)

You will undergo one month of intensive foundation-building focused on equipping you with good foundation knowledge on how financial markets work, banking products and services, and the industry as a whole. We will help you adapt to the ‘real’ working world through real-life case studies, projects and field trips.

Job Rotations (11 months)

The next 11 months involve job rotations, where you will work in four different business units chosen to complement your career track. You will develop a deep understanding of our operations during this hands-on period and build a strong network across the company. You may even find yourself working in a different country.

You will be coached and mentored throughout this journey.

Year 2

Elective Development (3 months)

After completing the job rotations, you will be empowered to choose your development programme, ranging from regional job attachments, external job attachment with our partners, to Chinese language and cultural immersion, etc.

Job Placement (9 months)

Placements in any CIMB office across the region will be based on your strengths, interests and business requirements. Be prepared for cross-border exposure.


We are seeking candidates who have achieved academic excellence, and possess the following traits:

1.      Passion for Success

         ·   Self-driven to achieve success and able to overcome adversity.

2.      Communication

         ·   Able to listen with empathy and communicate with impact to articulate own point of views.

3.      Agility

         ·   Able to embrace, adapt to change and thrive in any environment.

4.      Collaborative

         ·   An effective team player who creates and thrives in a synergistic environment.

5.      Think without the Box

         ·   Able to apply logical reasoning and analytical thinking.

         ·   Demonstrate creativity and innovativeness to provide solutions and resolve problems.

Our Culture

We strive to make CIMB an engaging and enabling workplace environment for you.

Global Mobility

With operations around the region, CIMB offers plenty of cross-border opportunities for high performers.

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