Our equities research teams carry out fundamental analysis of industry sectors and listed companies in ten different markets in Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong/China, Taiwan, South Korea, India and Vietnam. Through joint-ventures, we also provide equity research in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Our daily research reports provide investors with investing and trading ideas as well as comprehensive reviews for each market, distilled from our in-depth local knowledge and our views on global investment trends. Our clients also benefit from regular equity strategy notes, which supply a longer-term view on investing in these markets.

Our analysts focus their research on a specific industry—for example telcos, oil & gas or technology, in a particular country. To add value for our clients, we add a regional outlook on these sectors, to capture industry trends and valuation anomalies which traverse multiple geographies in today’s increasingly interconnected world.


Fixed Income

Being at the forefront of the ASEAN debt capital market, CIMB’s dedicated fixed income research team monitors and provide analysis on trends and developments in the market. The team has the distinction of pioneering daily market commentaries and now provides daily coverage of the Ringgit, Baht, Rupiah and US Dollar sovereign and corporate bonds markets.  

In addition, the team publishes regular strategy reports in which we provide forward-looking trading ideas and strategies necessary to navigate the expanding ASEAN bond markets. As additional guide to issuers and investors, we provide bond yield forecasts for the respective markets under our coverage.


Our economics research discipline is responsible for the overall tracking, monitoring and analysis of economic, monetary and financial developments and risks based on information at micro, sectorial and macro levels. We primarily cover the economies of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong/China, Taiwan, South Korea, and India.

In addition to the in-depth research on these countries, we form opinions on, and provide high level estimates such as growth figures for, the rest of the developed world. This is essential, given the increasingly integrated global economy.

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