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CIMB Community Link is one of CIMB Group's key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. It is a unique program aimed at forging closer ties with the local communities served by CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic branches. The programme empowers customers to propose initiatives or social causes that will enhance the lives of those within the community. These causes will then be funded by the Bank.

The success of Community Link hinges on branch managers working closely with customers to identify causes important to their community. A fund exclusively for the cause is then set up. Every time customers conduct a transaction at the branch, the Bank will contribute a portion of its monies to the fund. The more transactions and business activities there are at the branches, the quicker the target will be reached. A mock thermometer located at the electronic banking centre of the branch will track the progress of the funds. When targets are reached, the fund is distributed accordingly.

CIMB Community Link is an on-going project. When a project is completed, the community can subsequently nominate a next worthy cause.

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