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Communication with shareholders is one of the key priorities for the Board. The Board ensures that the shareholders are kept up-to-date and informed about the business strategy and direction of the Group. Engagement with the institutional shareholders is essential to ensure greater understanding of and confidence in the Group’s success. Major business developments and corporate plans within the Group are consistently communicated to shareholders and investors in a timely and accurate manner.

One of the important methods of communication to shareholders and investors is the Annual Report which contains comprehensive information about the Group. The Group strives to continuously enhance its level of governance, transparency and accountability in line with the Code and international best practices.

The Group views the Annual General Meeting as a forum for shareholders and retail investors to meet the Board and Senior Management to raise their concerns and queries. The Chairman and Senior Independent Director ensure that the Board is accessible to shareholders and an open channel of communication is present. The Company Secretary is in close contact with the shareholders and assists to compile questions from shareholders prior to the Annual General Meeting. This ensures that shareholders’ queries are attended to in a prompt and systematic manner. At the Annual General Meeting, the Group MD/CEO presents the annual financial performance and future prospects of the Group to all shareholders and retail investors. The Group’s External Auditors are also present at the Annual General Meeting to answer shareholders’ queries pertaining to accounting and auditing standards. Shareholders are given opportunity at the Annual General Meeting to seek clarification on the Group’s performance and the Directors’ stewardship of CIMB Group.

Please click below to view the Minutes of General Meetings:

Date Title
17 April 2013 Minutes of 56th Annual General Meetings
25 February 2013 Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting