Stand a chance to win cash prizes totalling RM30,000 and employment opportunities with CIMB

This is your opportunity to test your mining, analytical and modeling skills using real business data to solve real banking problems. Who knows you could be the aspiring data scientists we are looking for!

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4 August: 

Congratulations to all the 72 participants for completing your CIMB Data Science Challenge 2017 journey with us. To view the official final scores, click here. We look forward to hearing your feedback by completing the online survey, which are being emailed to all the 72 participants personally.

24 July:

The 2-day Challenge will commence this Friday, 28 July 2017 at ADAX Bangsar South, where 87 successful participants will be randomly 
assigned to a team of 3 to solve a business case that will test their data preparation knowledge and model designing skills.  All the best to our aspiring data scientists!

6 July:

It is now finalised.  Congratulations to the 90 shortlisted Challenge participants who will be competing with other aspiring Data Scientists from 28 - 29 Jul 2017.  Please check your emails for full details of the event.  To view the shortlisted participants, click here.  

23 June:

Congratulations!!!  The 93 shortlisted Challenge participants have been finalised.  To view the shortlisted participants, click here.  

11 May:

The first hands-on workshop and assessment was held on 9 May at Universiti Utara Malaysia.  We hope is was a beneficial session for all those who attended.  To the remaining Challenge participants, please check your emails for your session. 

IMPORTANT: The workshop is to complement your existing knowledge of SAS software which you would have obtained through the SAS software familarisation e-learning.  Hence, the workshop should not be used as your initial experience with SAS.  Please bring your laptop which would have SAS installed on it for your assessment at the end of the workshop. 

3 May: 

To all Challenge participants, we are pleased to confirm your seat for the hands-on workshop and assessment.  Please check your email for details of the workshop and what you will be required to prepare prior to attending the workshop.  For ease of reference, the finalised list can be viewed here.

21 April:

To all Challenge participants, the finalised workshop dates and venues are ready for your selection. Please check your email for the Workshop Registration Form, where you will need to enter your “DSC ID” in the registration form. Your “DSC ID” can be found here. You will use this ID throughout the duration of the challenge.

17 April: 

To all Challenge participants, the SAS software familarisation e-learning is available from 17 April!  Please check your email for the link and happy learning.

12 April: 

The preliminary selection of the Challenge participants has been made. To view the shortlisted participants, click here.

Competition Timeline

20 Mar – 7 April 2017


12 April 2017

Announcement of the shortlisted participants

17 April – 26 May 2017

SAS software familiarisation via e-learning

9 May – 15 June 2017  

1-Day hands-on workshop and assessment

23 June 2017

Notification to the successful participants

28 – 29 July 2017

Competition and prize giving ceremony


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