Rewards & Benefits

Many of ASEAN’s best talents are attracted to our holistic and comprehensive reward system. Besides a highly competitive remuneration package, we offer a plethora of work-life benefits – for your personal and professional well-being.

Our performance-based incentives are one way we reward our people. High performance is expected but also amply rewarded. Our company benefits cover healthcare and insurance plans, low-interest housing and vehicle loans, scholarships and sponsorships, extended maternity leave, and even sports and recreational facilities. Some of the company benefits are extended to the spouse and children of staff.

Our employees appreciate our Staff Rejuvenation Programme (SRP). Staff can take up to six months off to take care of their personal matters – without affecting their career progression, seniority and benefits. In the past, our people have used the SRP to care for their loved ones who are ill, or to look after their children. When it really matters, the SRP makes all the difference.