Our Employee Value Proposition

With operations in 17 countries and over 40,000 staff regionally, CIMB offers you a truly regional and collaborative work experience. Our people work together across borders and departments and they come from a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds. The different perspectives they bring make CIMB a remarkably interesting and stimulating place to work. 

Towards an Asean Champion: You will work for a brand that will increasingly be recognised as the ASEAN brand. Hence today, and even more in the future, CIMB will be the brand of choice in ASEAN

Thriving on Diversity: You will have the opportunity to work with a broad cross-section of people from ASEAN and beyond. This will enhance your cross-cultural skills and hence your effectiveness in a wide range of environments.

Obsessed with Talent Growth: From the time you start working here, you will see an unparalleled focus on your personal growth and development. We demonstrate our commitment to our employees through our obsessive investment in our talent pool.

Competitive Remuneration: If you like getting results, then you will like working here as we have a competitive compensation and rewards package for people who help achieve business goals.

Corporate Responsibility Leadership: We recognise that you care about the world you live in and we will support your investments in community stakeholders by giving you time for your contributions to corporate responsibility.

Dynamic Workplace: We promise that you will work in a fast-paced, challenging and varied environment with never a dull moment.

Our Culture

We strive to make CIMB an engaging and enabling workplace environment for you.

Career Growth

We believe that self-development and career growth are legitimate aspirations and we love people who are curios and want to learn.

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Global Mobility

With operations around the region, CIMB offers plenty of cross-border opportunities for high performers.

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