corporate communications
// “Breakthrough Ideas. Breakthrough Results”
Our Branding

“Breakthrough Ideas. Breakthrough Results” remained our branding platform for the year 2005. This branding platform positions CIMB as an innovator of ideas and solutions that are not purely conceptual but are workable in the real marketplace. It also positions CIMB as a result-oriented organisation with the ability to execute with speed and accuracy.

Towards the end of 2005, CIMB began a rebranding exercise, following the integration of CIMB-BCB. The new branding is targetted to be launched by middle of 2006.

Communicating our Brand

At CIMB, we communicate our business and brand through an integrated communications platform that comprises advertising, public relations, event marketing, publications and community service. Our advertisements are presented in corporate, tombstones and festive advertising campaigns. In 2005, we added congratulatory and sponsorship advertisements in conjunction with oursponsorship of the CIMB Women’s Open Squash Championship and CIMB Men’s Open Squash Championship.